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One martini is alright, two is too many, three is not enough.
James Thurber


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Pick the main ingredient of your cocktail. Within seconds you will find classic cocktail recipes you can mix right now with those ingredients you have at home. The recipe finder…



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The original season cocktails bring you the best recipes for each season of the year

The perfect drinks for each season. Find a fine selection of recipes according to the season. Hot drinks for Winter, iced cold refreshing cocktails for summer. Pick a creamy drink during a warm day of spring or a strong drink served without any ice on a windy day in fall. Summer cocktails…



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pina colada cocktail

All cocktails in alphabetical order from A to Z

A list with every recipe you will find on in alphabetical order. If you are looking for a specific drink or remember the name of a classic cocktail recipe this page takes you there instantly. List by names…


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Vodka Espresso Cocktail

Find all recipes that include your favorite liquor within seconds

Another list with all classic cocktail recipes you will find on and here sorted by its alcoholic ingredients. The perfect list for everyone who wants to try out new drinks with their favorite alcoholic ingredient. Find easy recipes that include your favorite liquor instantly on this page. List by ingredients…