Vodka Gimlet Cocktail Recipe

Vodka Gimlet Cocktail Recipe


An easy cocktail recipe for a

Vodka Gimlet

The classic cocktail with vodka and lime syrup



  • 1 part lime syrup (e.g. Rose’s Lime Juice)
  • 2 parts vodka
  • a lime
  • ice cubes
  • cocktail glass


How to mix a Vodka Gimlet

For a Vodka Gimlet cocktail put several ice cubes, the vodka and the lime syrup in a glass and stir. Strain (ice cubes remain in the glass used for stiring) into a cocktail glass and garnish with a slice of lime.


Bartender’s tips and advice

  • The original Gimlet is mixed with Gin. But the variant with Vodka is just as classic as a recipe as the original version.
  • Don’t confound fresh lime juice with lime juice syrup. Lime juice is pure fruit juice, while lime juice syrup is made of lime juice, water and sugar. The problem for all the confusion: a famous lime juice syrup has the name “Rose’s Lime Juice” although it definitely is a syrup!
  • Find more tips and interesting facts in the bartenders guide.


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