Steaming Swamp Cocktail Recipe

Steaming Swamp Cocktail Recipe


An easy cocktail recipe for a

Steaming Swamp

The hot version of a Caipirinha with fresh mint



  • 1 part cachaca
  • 2 parts hot water
  • brown sugar
  • a lime
  • a twig of fresh mint
  • glass for hot drinks or mug


How to mix a Steaming Swamp

For a Steaming Swamp cocktail cut the lime into eight wedges and put them along with the twig of fresh mint in the glass. For a regular sized glass add about 2 teaspoons of brown sugar and smash it all together. Boil up the water, and pour it in the glass. Add the cachaca and stir. Garnish with another twig of fresh mint and serve.


Bartender’s tips and advice

  • This cocktail is being referred to as the “Hot Caipirinha” as well. Main difference to a regular caipirinha apart from this cocktail being served hot is the fresh mint.
  • Keep fresh mint in the fridge rolled-up in a plastic bag. By doing that it will stay fresh longer.
  • Find more tips and interesting facts in the bartenders guide.


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