Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail Recipe

Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail Recipe


An easy cocktail recipe for a

Harvey Wallbanger

The surfer cocktail with Vodka and a hint of Vanilla



  • 4 parts vodka
  • 12 parts orange juice
  • 1 part Galliano
  • ice cubes
  • highball glass


How to mix a Harvey Wallbanger

For a Harvey Wallbanger cocktail put the vodka, orange juice and some ice cubes in a longdrink glass and stir. If you have an orange, put an orange slice in the glass as well. Now pour the Galliano in the glass and serve without stiring the drink again.


Bartender’s tips and advice

  • If possible use fresh squeezed orange juice for the Harvey Wallbanger. There´s at least 1 1/2 oz. (= 4,5 cl = 1 shot) of juice in every orange.
  • The history of the Harvey Wallbanger is based on the coast of California. When the Californian surfer with the name Harvey was disqualified in a surfing competition he went to a bar and drank a mix of Vodka, Galliano and Orange Juice to deal with the frustration. Being totally frustrated about the end of the competition at some point he even hit his head on the wall of bar…
  • If you leave out the ingredient Galliano you’ll end up with the Screw Driver cocktail.
  • Find more tips and interesting facts in the bartenders guide.


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