Cocktail Shakers



The Mixing Equipment

An overview of the items necessary to mix the ingredients of a cocktail

shaker and cocktails


There are two ways to mix cocktails: shaking and stirring. All cocktails that contain cream, egg whites or harder to mix ingredients are shaken. Classical cocktails on the other hand contain only a few clear ingredients and are usually stirred. So to be able to mix all recipes on you will need a cocktail shaker (to shake) and a mixing glass (to stir).

Shaking and stirring equipment you should own includes:

  1. shaker (3-piece or 2-piece according to personal preferences)
  2. mixing glass
  3. mixing spoon
  4. strainer

When it comes to cocktail shakers there are two options: the 3-piece-shaker and the 2-piece-shaker (also known as Boston Shaker or American Shaker). The American Shaker fits larger quantities of liquids and consists of a glass enabling you to check the result of the mixing process.

Generally speaking the 3-piece-shaker is the better option for your home bar and for the occasional mixologist. It is more practical and a bit easier to use. The 2-piece-shaker is the preferred option for bartenders and professional mixologists. 

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Mixing the ingredients through shaking

Alessi 3-piece Cocktail Shaker

This is the ideal shaker to start setting up your home bar with. Timeless design (designed in Italy in the 1950s) and of high quality (smooth edges, sturdy metal). It’s a 3-piece-Shaker meaning that a strainer comes as part of the shaker. This shaker will last you a lifetime both in terms of design and material. One of the best available.






Alessi 2-piece Cocktail Shaker

The alternative to a 3-piece shaker. Same quality, same timeless design (Italian designer Alessi). 2-piece shakers are also referred to as Boston shakers or American shakers. They can hold more liquid and bartenders around the world tend to use this type. But they are a bit more difficult to use for two reasons: firstly, you need to interlock both jars and then unlock them with a bit of force. Secondly, you will need to use a separate strainer always. 





Mixing Glasses

To stir cocktails and not shake them

Kotai Mixing Glass

Use this stirring glass for all cocktail recipes that require the drink to be stirred and not shaken. You will need a mixing spoon and a strainer to complement the mixing glass. To start mixing the drink in a mixing glass, you  fill it with ice cubes. So make sure to always have enough ice when mixing cocktails. And after you have added the ingredients to the glass you will use the mixing spoon to stir the ingredients. When done, use a strainer to fill the mixture in the cocktail glass. 







Related bar equipment necessary for mixing

Hiware Mixing Spoon

The mixing spoon is used to stir cocktails that are not prepared by being shaken. By stirring the different ingredients as opposed to shaking them they remain clear and the cocktail looks nicer and clearer. This is especially true for many classic cocktails that only have a couple of ingredients, all or most of them alcoholic ingredients.




Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer

One of the best strainers available with it’s practical and qualitative design. You will use the strainer to keep the ice cubes and smaller pieces of fruit in the stirring glass and American shaker. The 3-piece shaker already has a strainer included, yet you will need this strainer for those cocktail you will prepare in a mixing glass.