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Find a cocktail recipe within seconds by using the fast and easy cocktail recipe finder.

Within 3-4 clicks you will most likely find a recipe you can mix with ingredients you already have at home. This page is the first page of the recipe finder. Start by selecting the main ingredient of your drink. Every cocktail has a basic alcoholic ingredient that determines the alcoholic taste of the drink. The recipe finder includes recipes for cocktails with Rum, Gin, Tequila, Whisky, Cachaca, Cognac and Vodka. Instead of using Cognac you can use any Brandy (Cognac is Brandy from a specific region in France). Instead of Whisky you might also use Whiskey or Bourbon. is an independent and privately operated site. This allows real recipes without advertising specific brands of Rum, Gin etc. Feel free to use any Rum, Gin, Vodka etc. that you like and start experimenting. Mixing drinks for friends and guests should not be a rocket science. All recipes on have been tested and are easy to mix. All recipes are classic drinks that have proven their popularity during years, decades and in some cases centuries!

What if you don’t have any of the main alcoholic ingredients? I recommend to buy a Gin or Rum. If you lean towards classic cocktails with a stronger taste of alcohol I recommend Gin. If you generally prefer cocktails with fruit juice, tropical cocktails or drinks that don’t have a strong alcoholic taste, start with a Rum.