Cocktail Glasses



The Cocktail Glasses

An overview of the glasses you really need to serve cocktails

tumbler glass


Set up your own small home bar and serve drinks to friends and guests in beautiful cocktail glasses. For that all you will need are three types of cocktail glasses. All special glasses listed further below on this page are optional and nice to haves. And the three glasses you will need are: the cocktail glass, the tumbler and the highball glass.

A Cocktail Glass only holds 2 to 3 oz. (= 6 to 10 cl). Use this one for many classic recipes from the beginning of the 20th century. Cocktails in a cocktail glass are generally served without straws and without ice like the popular Martini Cocktail. That’s why the Cocktail Glass is also called Martini Glass. A Highball Glass holds around 10 oz. (= 30 cl). Cocktails in a highball glass are served with straws and ice cubes or crushed ice like the Cuba LibreA Tumbler holds 5 to 7 oz. (= 15 to 20 cl). And the drinks in a tumbler are generally served with straws, ice cubes or crushed ice. e.g. the Caipirinha or the Old Fashioned. A tumbler is also called Old-Fashioned Glass and Whisky Glass.

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The Cocktail Glass

The glass for classic shortdrinks

Schott Zwiesel Martini Glass

A beautiful, elegant and minimalistic cocktail glass. A well thought of design as the drink does not spill as easily as in typical cocktail glasses without a slightly bent rim. Exceptional quality from Germany.






The Tumbler

The old fashioned glass for classic drinks served with ice

JoyJolt Old Fashioned Glass

The tumbler is a key item in your home bar. For a minimalistic and elegant design get a few JoyJolt glasses. Good quality at a reasonable price and a timeless, elegant design. 






The Highball Glass

The glass for longdrinks

Schott Zwiesel Longdrink Glass

Classic design paired with exceptional German quality. This highball glass will fit in with any interior style and will make an elegant addition to your home bar. Ships in sets of 6. 







Special Glasses

Optional special glasses for selected Cocktails

The Hurricane Glass

The most important of all special cocktail glasses. So make sure to purchase a few hurricane glasses for your home bar in case you want to prepare any of the recipes listed here: Piña Colada, Hurricane, Cococabana, Planter’s Punch, Florida Sling, Kilimanjaro, Francesca Crusta, Sex on the Beach, Pink Colada, Swimming Pool, Gulfstream, Honey Girl. This is a high-quality glass from Germany.




The Julep Tumbler

Maybe the most elegant way to serve any cocktail is using real silver cups. And some fine bars around the globe are currently picking up this old tradition again. As real silver cups are very expensive you might want to purchase a few of these cups instead that are silver plated. Good quality at a reasonable price will let you serve Juleps in style. Use these tumblers for the Mint Julep. If you like Juleps this is one of the optional cocktail glasses I strongly recommend. 




The Mai Tai Mug

The Polynesian way of serving cocktails. The Trader Vic’s bars made this style popular. And this so called Tiki style is an americanized version of Polynesian style elements. Use these mugs to serve the Mai Tai cocktail. 




The Margarita Glass

Instead of using a cocktail glass you can serve the Margarita in this similar glass that has become the typical way to serve Margaritas in many bars. 





The Winter Cocktail Glass

Serve all hot cocktails in this type of glass to serve the drinks in a much more elegant way as opposed to a mug. Use a winter cocktail glass for these cocktail recipes: Irish Coffee, Steaming Swamp, Café Flambé, Milk Punch, Sweet Heat, Hot Toddy.





The Gin Tonic Glass

The Gin Tonic remains one of the most popular longdrinks worldwide. While you can serve it in a highball glass, chose this typical Gin Tonic Glass to make an impression. 





The Moscow Mule Copper Mug

The Moscow Mule has traditionally been served in a Copper Mug. Recently more and more bars around the globe are bringing that tradition to life again. Serve the Moscow Mule in style by purchasing a few Copper Mugs.