The Idea

cocktaillounge.net provides carefully selected cocktail recipes that are easy to mix.

The site does not provide complicated recipes that can only be prepared with professional equipment or by skilled experts like molecular drinks or smoke flavored cocktails. All cocktails can be mixed at home with some very basic mixing equipment.

cocktaillounge.net enables its readers to mix a classic cocktail tonight with ingredients they most likely have at home already.

For that this site provides a fast and easy recipe finder, different lists of recipes and focuses on classic cocktails that are mixed with on average 3-5 ingredients only.

cocktaillounge.net wants to ensure its readers are mixing cocktails they can rely on when hosting a cocktail party for friends. 

That’s why the site does not provide an upload function to collect thousands of recipes that no one has tested. Instead the site focuses on classic cocktails that have proven their popularity all over the world during many years, often during decades and in several cases even during centuries!


The Website

People from all over the world use cocktaillounge.net since the year 2001 as a reliable source for cocktail recipes. This makes it one of the first and oldest cocktail websites on the internet that are still being updated.

cocktaillounge.net started in Germany and was soon made available in an English version as well. Since then millions of visitors from all over the world have used the site to find easy recipes for classic drinks.

Major print magazines like Men’s Health, newspapers, online publications and radio stations have recommended cocktaillounge.net.

cocktaillounge.net is an independent and privately operated website allowing it to show recipes without hidden product advertisement for specific liquor brands and allowing it to recommend the best products and only those that are really needed.


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