Easy Recipes for Classic Cocktails



Julep with Crushed Ice and Mint



Top 30 Cocktails

All gentlemen should know these top 30 cocktails. Start tonight by ordering one you didn’t have before.

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The Recipes

Classic Cocktails

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You can mix classic drinks with very few ingredients tonight

There are 3 different ways of how to get started with mixing right now. You already have a favorite drink that you usually order in a bar? And now you want to mix it yourself, maybe give it a slight twist by adding an ingredient or changing the ratio of the ingredients? If that is the case, go to the list with all cocktail names from A to Z  You don’t have a favorite cocktail but you do have a liqueur standing around in your kitchen that is of no use? Maybe you bought it somewhere on a vacation or received it as a gift? Or you just happen to be a big fan of coffee liqueur or bitters or the taste of cherries? In that case check out the list with all recipes for a given alcoholic ingredient  The most common case though happening across the US in thousands of households every weekend is the following: you have a bottle of Rum, maybe a Vodka or Tequila. There are some lemons in your kitchen and some other ingredients in your fridge. But what cocktail recipes are they good for? For this typical case we have built a super easy cocktail recipes finder  Start by clicking on the main alcoholic ingredient and then click any ingredient you have at home right now. It just takes 3-4 clicks and you’ll find easy cocktail recipes you can mix right now.  All recipes include easy to follow instructions and have been tested.



The Lifestyle

Home bar equipment

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There can’t be good living where there is not good drinking. Benjamin Franklin

Find everything you need to set up a classic little bar at home to serve your guests. Only products you really need. No unnecessary tools or glasses. Only qualitative items and trusted recommendations. A selection of fine cocktail glasses and the best cocktail shakers along with other helpful and beautiful bar equipment. Find the bar equipment here 


The Knowledge

Bartenders Guide

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Become a great host of cocktail parties with these tips

A comprehensive bartenders guide for beginners and advanced mixologists with many Questions and Answers. Find out interesting facts about ingredients and how to get started with mixing cocktails. Find all the tips here 


What is a cocktail?

Seems to be an easy question, but it’s not. There are many categories for mixed drinks and “cocktails” happens to be one of them. So technically speaking a cocktail is a mixed drink with relatively few ingredients and an overall small amount of liquids. Usually it consists of one or two liquors and dashes of bitter or fruit juice. A liqueur can be a third ingredient. That makes all cocktails automatically so called short-drinks. As opposed to long-drinks that simply have more liquid in them and are mixed with fruit juices, soda and soft drinks. Dry, bitter cocktails are served before a meal and are called pre-dinner cocktails. Sweet cocktails are served afterwards and are referred to as after-dinner cocktails. The pre-dinner cocktails is the typical “cocktail”.


What easy cocktail recipes can I find on this website?

No worries, we are using the broader definition of the word “cocktail” and refer to all kinds of mixed alcoholic drinks. We do though focus on classic easy cocktail recipes. By that we mean all those easy cocktail recipes that have proven their popularity across continents throughout years, decades and in some cases even during centuries. We also do put a focus on traditional “cocktails” as described in the definition above. Find all recipes here 




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