Mix a classic cocktail at home tonight

Mix a classic cocktail at home tonight

Approved, tested and easy recipes only

Easy Cocktail Recipes for Classic Drinks

Mix a drink tonight with ingredients you have at home. Tested and approved cocktails only. All recipes with easy to follow instructions. This is your trusted source for classic cocktail recipes. Online since 2001.


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Cocktail recipes

Find easy recipes within seconds

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Find easy cocktail recipes for classic cocktails instantly. Check out the recipe finder to find drinks you can mix right now within a few clicks. The season cocktail recipes are a selection of the best drinks for each season. Try refreshing and ice cold summer cocktails now. Find more recipe lists to quickly find the right cocktail recipes for you. Search recipes from A to Z or select by your favorite alcoholic ingredient. All recipes include easy to follow instructions and have been tested.



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Bar equipment

A fine selection of shakers and glasses

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Find everything you need to set up a classic little bar at home to serve your guests. Only products you really need. No unnecessary tools or glasses. Only qualitative items and trusted recommendations. A selection of fine glasses and the best shakers along with other helpful and beautiful bar equipment.



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Bartender Guide

Become a great host of cocktail parties

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A comprehensive little guide with many Questions and Answers. Find out interesting facts about ingredients and how to get started with mixing cocktails.