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You'll find only carefully selected links on this page. The links lead you to good sites with cocktail content reaching from pages with recipes to online stores with bar equipment.




    The Authentic is a content based web site created with the objective to providing the world with quality bartending information and resources.


    A great site about food, ingredients and cocktails. Check out the article on how whisky is made or try their recipe for an Irish Coffee (this actually is a site from Ireland, so they should know it best!). A small collection of cocktail recipes is found in the "wine" section of When you use honey for mixing a drink (e.g. the "Honey Girl") consider what they write about this natural product: "It takes two bees a lifetime each to produce two tablespoons of honey. So every spoon you eat, treasure that hard-working little bee that has given a substantial part of his life for your enjoyment!"


    A good cocktail site with lots of recipes, the possibility to add your own recipes and comments on drinks. Stats about best and worst rated drinks.


    Find all sorts of recipes on this page (not only for cocktails). How about some great cookie recipes?



    If you are planning a vacation to Italy, don't miss out on this page. It's about cooking classes and wine tasting in the very heart of italy, the Tuscany. Cooking in Tuscany offers a variety of classes from half-day excursions to 7-day-culinary adventures.



    A site supplying you with infused vodka kits and infusion jars. The kits and jars are a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys flavored vodka. Infused vodka can also make a striking accent to any kitchen or bar. The infusion jars are perfect for serving any beverage, not just infusions!